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General Questions

Home-sharing in general is such a cool and exciting concept for both Travelers and local Hosts. It empowers people around the globe and makes traveling such an enjoyable, peaceful, local and affordable way to see the world, brimming with the life that both Travelers and Hosts bring to the experience!

However, what really sets Vegvisits apart is primarily our emphasis on a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. This focus helps to meet many practical needs for both vegan and vegetarian Travelers and Hosts.

For a Traveler, you have the luxury of inside knowledge on the top produce markets, grocery stores, restaurants, hiking/nature sites and any other relevant attractions or tips. If you enjoy cooking, you can rest assured on having either a vegan or vegetarian kitchen to prepare you meals and also the capability of searching for listings based on kitchen appliances (i.e. blender, processor, spiralizer, juicer, dehydrator, large salad bowls), instead of carrying your entire kitchen with you as you travel!

For a Host, in addition to meeting a diverse set of people from around the world and earning extra income, the platform can really set your mind at ease a bit more. You can list your space as either vegan or vegetarian, and rest assured that your kitchen and home will stay just as you like it!

Additionally, we’ve also made it possible to list or book local vegan or vegetarian kitchens on an hourly basis for those Travelers visiting an area who may just want to prepare their own home-cooked meals!

It’s also just pretty cool to meet people from around the world that share this lifestyle. We interact with people all day long who most likely don’t share it. But when you rest your head at night in a new place or open the doors to your home, you should be able to breathe easy. A home is a deeply personal place. Whether you’re visiting a new one or opening up your own, rest assured that your way of life will be understood, upheld and respected!

Unfortunately, there’s no feasible way to ever guarantee someone’s a vegetarian or vegan. We trust most people will only use Vegvisits who are genuinely interested in the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, but we reserve the right to terminate anyone’s account that is found to misrepresent him/herself.

But the culture of the community is really about connection, honesty and friendship. Be as open, honest and genuine as possible when creating your profile, and look for the same when reaching out to a Host or accepting a booking request from a Traveler. While there is no hard, fast way of guaranteeing whether someone is a vegan or vegetarian, the community will rely heavily on the overall feel created from a mixture of profiles, reviews and the initial dialogues you have prior to confirming your bookings with Hosts and Guests!

We’ve collaborated with eRated to provide all of our members with the option (free of charge!) of verifying their identities and making their profiles more trustworthy by including star ratings and reviews from other similar platforms (i.e. eBay, Airbnb).

To get started with eRated, click on your name at the top of the Vegvisits platform, select View Profile, and then click on the box on the bottom of your profile where it says Increase My Reputation.

Initially, other than paying the Host, the Vegvisits platform will be completely free to both Host and Traveler. We’ve set it up this way to see how the community forms, and be able to take our time coming up with what makes the most sense to sustain the platform. We’ll eventually need to do something, but we’ll be sure to let the community know and collect people’s input!

You can delete your account by just sending us an e-mail at: info@vegvisits.com and we will do it as soon as possible!

As we don’t have the luxury of meeting in person, the profile is the heart and soul of the community. It is how you’ll be communicating with the community as well as your future Hosts and/or Guests. Definitely take your time with filling it out!

  1. Picture – Including a picture in your profile adds an important human element to your page. It makes Travelers and Hosts viewing your page more comfortable, as they are able to put a face to your words, reviews and services.
  2. About you – The profile includes many questions about yourself that you have the option of filling out. They were all created with the intention of helping you to open up to the community and share more about yourself. The more questions you answer, the more comfortable users will be with you, and the more use you will be able to get out of the platform.
  3. Erated – We’ve collaborated with eRated to provide all of our members with the option (free of charge!) of verifying their identities and making their profiles more trustworthy by including star ratings and reviews from other similar platforms (i.e. eBay, Airbnb). To get started with eRated, click on your name at the top of the Vegvisits platform, select View Profile, and then click on the box on the bottom of your profile where it says Increase My Reputation.

To edit your profile, click on your name at the top of vegvisits.com, and select Edit Profile.

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Host Questions

To learn about how to list your overnight accommodation or kitchen, respond to requests and welcome Guests into your home, click here.

At the very least, in order to list your home on Vegvisits, you and anyone else living in your home must be committed vegetarians for the past 3 months. Essentially, the entire home needs to be vegetarian and free of all animal meat. The same rule applies for listing a vegan accommodation – you and everyone living in the home must be committed vegans for the past 3 months.

But just note, the heart of our community is centered on vegetarianism and veganism. There is a deeper shared camaraderie amongst the community based on these lifestyles that we hope you consider and respect before listing.

You can list almost all types of overnight accommodations. Additionally, you can also list your kitchen for Guests to rent on an hourly basis!

Yes. While each Vegvisits user is limited to one account, you can create as many listings as you’d like for additional rooms and properties!

You must create a separate, additional listing when listing an additional room in the same property.

Of course! You can choose to list both your kitchen and home, but must make separate listings for each accommodation. Please note that if you are renting out your kitchen during the same time period that Guests are staying with you, you must make sure to coordinate your schedule properly and communicate with your overnight Guests so they feel comfortable and can access the kitchen when needed.

Of course!

We’ve set up the platform for in-person payments. In other words, you’ll get paid when the Traveler arrives at your home. We’ve set it up this way to really make things more simple and flexible, but also to keep the local, personal feel of the community. You can set up your payment however you’d like whether you have a credit card reader or accept cash, check or some other form of payment, just be sure to include information on how you would like to be paid in your listing and communicate this to Travelers prior to their arrival.

Also note, you can always decide to arrange either partial or full payments prior to arrival of Guests whether through PayPal or some other alternative payment method. Hosts renting out entire spaces or that are not able to meet their Guests upon arrival may prefer this option. In this case, make it clear in your listing how and when you would like to be paid, and arrange the collection of payments with Travelers once you have confirmed their booking requests.

It’s entirely up to you! There’s an infinite amount of ways you can think about pricing your accommodation – whether it’s simply helping out a fellow Traveler, keeping in mind your own budget and living expenses, or perhaps deciding what you would pay to stay in your own home for the night if you were visiting the area! We just encourage you to make it fair and put yourself in the Traveler’s shoes!

This is an interesting one as there’s not much to reference. But be creative and put yourself in the Traveler’s shoes! Is your kitchen equipped with useful kitchen appliances? Does it provide a lot of counter space to prepare meals? Is it in a convenient location? We’ll be very interested to see what you come up with and how this works in general!

Cancellation policies are entirely up to you. If you opt for in-person payments, the Traveler has a lot more flexibility for cancellations and would only pay you when they arrive. However, you can require a non-refundable deposit be paid in advance to cover you from last minute cancellation. It’s entirely up to you; just make sure you communicate your policies properly on your listing.

Additionally, even though this likely won’t be common and all situations are different, you should also give some thought to instances where Travelers need to arrive late, leave early, or other possible extenuating circumstances.

Host cancellations should be taken very seriously as people are planning trips sometimes months in advance and a cancellation can really make things difficult for a Traveler. In the event of a cancellation, you’re required to let us know in advance by e-mailing us at team@vegvisits.com so we can help your Traveler find other accommodations in time for their trip. We know things come up, but if this becomes a common experience, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. As a common rule, if you need to cancel, make sure you give us and the Traveler as much notice as possible.

Of course, since the payments are made in person, you may require Guests to provide a security deposit on arrival that will be given back to them when they leave. Just make sure that this requirement is made clear on your listing so that your Guests are not hit with any surprises when they check-in!

If you will not be there to greet your Guests when they arrive, you can always choose to collect the security deposit in advance of their stay by coordinating with your Guests prior to their arrival.

Unfortunately, not at this time. While we’re always going to be looking for ways to make the hosting experience better and more convenient, we’re not able to offer any sort of insurance or guarantee at this point. However, we definitely encourage Hosts to review their current policies and explore obtaining any additional, necessary insurance coverage.

For U.S. Hosts, one reasonable and flexible alternative we came across that specializes in home-sharing insurance was with Peers Marketplace. For a small monthly fee, the policy provides $1M personal liability insurance, and can be found at: homesharing liability insurance.

Additionally, in the near future we are exploring an insurance alternative with our background check provider, Traity. Traity would insure each transaction for a small cost to cover damages or stolen items that occur during the trip. However, it just wouldn’t include liability insurance.

Ultimately the heart of the Vegvisits community lies in good experiences and respect amongst the community. When welcoming a Traveler into your home, here is a short list of things to give some thought to:

  1. Many times Guests may have been traveling for a while before arriving. They may have just gotten off a long-flight or a long drive and very short on sleep!
  2. This may be one of the few trips they are able to take for an extended period of time. They may really appreciate some input on the surrounding area (both the town and areas in driving distance).
  3. Respect their privacy.
  4. Provide the essentials (towels, sheets, soap, shampoo, conditioner).
  5. Everyone has different lifestyles, so be mindful of their preferences for when they go to sleep and wake up in terms of noise level.
  6. Television. While a lot of the world watches a lot of it, your Travelers may not have one and not be used to the constant noise.
  7. If you have friends over, just make sure to give the head’s up to your Guests and make sure they’re ok with that.
  8. Be respectful of Guests coming into your home, and make sure to keep everything clean and nicely put together. Also if another Guest had just left, make sure you change/clean the sheets, towels etc.
  9. Refrigerator space. Food is very important to this community, just make sure you leave them some space to put their things.
  10. We’re all at different places in our journey. Some Guests may not want to be super chatty, while others may want to have dinner with you –do not be offended! Put yourself in your Guests’ shoes and be respectful of where they may be at and the many things they may be going through.
  11. While part of hosting in our community is about extra income, it can’t all be about that! It is also about friendship, respect and understanding. Try to lean towards the side of friendship verses business and just make them feel truly welcome! Also, remember that they are paying you!
  12. Finally, try to make it a great experience for them! Traveling can be both exciting and frightening. It isn’t something most get to do often. It’s a special time and usually creates a long-lasting memory. Try to create great experiences for your Guests!

Yes, we will we respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Please see the “Contact Us” section of our website or e-mail us at info@vegvisits.com.

  1. You will always have the option of confirming or denying a booking request!
  2. Know that after creating a listing you are never obligated to Host unless you feel totally comfortable with the Travelers who request to stay with you. You also never have to confirm a booking request with a Traveler unless the timing works for you!
  3. If you don’t feel comfortable with opening your home and the requests you receive, we definitely recommend that you just hold off. There’s no sense in using the platform if it’s going to be a stressful experience for you! Maybe try traveling with Vegvisits first and talk to some Hosts with more experience about your concerns.
  4. The heart of the community lies in the reviews, this is what keeps everything going and makes trusting vastly easier. You will be able to read reviews for all of your potential Travelers and decide whether or not you’d accept Travelers with no reviews.
  5. Travelers are highly encouraged to make detailed profiles. If you receive requests from Travelers with limited reviews or material on their profiles, you can ask them questions through our messaging system until you feel comfortable confirming the bookings or decide to simply deny their requests.
  6. The one up-side of the community is that we all share a lifestyle that is very important to us all! We can all feel a little more at ease knowing that we are all fellow vegetarians and vegans!

We definitely aren’t tax experts, but there are various tax regulations in counties, states and countries throughout the world. Please review and familiarize yourself with the relevant tax obligations for your location and situation. There are various services out there that provide affordable ways of streamlining the process for you to make the hosting experience less of a hassle. We highly encourage you spend some time looking into them.

You can delete your account by emailing us at info@vegvisits.com. Your account will be deleted within 24 hours of contacting us.

Before confirming bookings with Travelers and welcoming them into your home, take a look at their profiles to get a better sense of who they are and the kind of Guests they will be. Their profiles will share personal information about themselves, including details on their current lifestyles, hobbies, interests, where they work, favorite movies, music and books, fun facts and more. In addition to what they share about themselves, Travelers will also have reviews written by other Hosts they have previously stayed with, so you will be able to get a good idea of how respectful they will be as Guests. If a profile has little information about a specific Traveler who may be new to Vegvisits, you can always message them directly using our messaging system, and ask any questions that you may have before confirming a booking.

You can easily communicate with Travelers who have requested to book or already have a confirmed reservation with you by clicking on your name at the top of the platform and going to My Bookings and then Bookings Received. Here you will be able to see the Travelers who have requested to book with you (under the unconfirmed tab) and those who have a confirmed reservation (under the confirmed tab). To send a direct message to a Traveler, click on the envelope next to his/her name.

Also in the booking notification email that you receive once a Traveler requests to book your accommodation, you can click on the first name of your Guest to send a direct message to him/her through the Vegvisits messaging system.

Of course! Some of our best Hosts are families with multiple children. Families who use Vegvisits to travel will appreciate the local knowledge of family-friendly attractions and fun activities to do with kids in the area. However, be sure to communicate with Travelers and inform them about noise level or any other issues that may influence their decision to stay with you and your family. It is good to be honest and upfront about your accommodation so no problems arise later on in their stay.

All users on Vegvisits will be able to see your first name and general location of your accommodation. Once you have confirmed a booking with a Traveler, he/she will receive a confirmation email that has the exact location of your accommodation as well as your phone number and email address, so he/she can contact you for last minute questions and to coordinate arrival and payment details.

Our calendar is created to suit both overnight accommodations and kitchens, so it may look a little confusing at first. If you are listing an overnight accommodation, please select “Custom” for your availability on the listing form and “Open” for all nights of the week your space is available to Travelers. If you do not select “Open” for a specific night, Guests will not be able to book your accommodation on this night. If you are listing a kitchen, please select “Custom” for your availability on the listing form, and then “Open” for all days of the week your kitchen is available for use. If you do not select “Open” for a specific day, Guests will not be able to book your accommodation on this day.

You may not feel comfortable making your compete home address public to the entire Vegvisits community, so we have set it up so you don’t have to! When creating your listing, you will be asked to provide the complete address of your listing that will only be shared with a Traveler once you have confirmed his/her booking with you. You will also be asked to provide an approximate location of your listing which will be shared with all users searching for accommodations on Vegvisits. For your approximate location, list your street, neighborhood, district, store, park or another point of reference near you so Travelers can get a good idea of where your accommodation is located. Listing a nearby intersection also works well.

Yes, you can definitely still be a Host if you have pets, but be sure to include this information on your listing and profile so that Travelers with pet allergies will know to avoid your accommodation.

Make sure your photos are around 895 x 590 px in size for them to appear perfectly on your listing.

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Traveler Questions

You’re able to browse the Vegvisits platform without having an account, but in order to start traveling you’ll need to sign up.

  1. First step is creating an account with Vegvisits by clicking Sign Up at the top of the Vegvisits website.
  2. From here you’ll want to create your profile. As we don’t have the luxury of meeting in person, the profile is the heart and soul of the community. It is how you’ll be communicating with the community as well as your future Hosts. Definitely take your time with filling it out! To edit your profile, click on your name at the top of vegvisits.com, and select Edit Profile. If you have questions about how to fill out your profile, click here: How do I create a great profile?
  3. After you create your profile, you should be good to go! Type in your desired location, the dates of your visit, and whether you are searching for an overnight accommodation or just a kitchen to prepare and eat your food.
  4. You will be taken to a search results page with a map that shows all of the listings in your desired location. You may filter these results by vegan or vegetarian kitchen, Host diet, kitchen appliances and more to find the perfect accommodation for you!
  5. Before you request to book, make sure to contact the Host and check their availability first, by clicking on the Check Availability button, so if their space is not available you can find an alternative accommodation.

To learn more about how to travel on Vegvisits, click here.

Vegvisits is essentially a community of vegans and vegetarians. While you’re traveling and using the platform, at the very least you’ll need to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle during your stay (this means no animal meat of any kind, including all animals of both land and sea!) as well as respect any other restrictions Hosts include on their listings, such as keeping the space vegan.

However, we would love to see this community be a platform to help questioning or struggling vegetarians and vegans learn more about the lifestyle! So while you don’t need to be a strict vegetarian or vegan to necessarily travel on the Vegvisits platform, you would just need to commit to this lifestyle and respect these rules while living in and using someone’s home. In general, please just be respectful and genuine while using the platform.

Initially, use of Vegvisits, other than paying the Host, will be completely free! We want to take our time and get feedback from the community to figure out the best way possible in terms of how we should charge people to use the platform. We’ll eventually need to determine a way to sustain our community, but we will be sure to let you know and get everyone’s input!

You’ll be arranging payments directly with the Host, whether this is in-person when you arrive at the accommodation or prior to arrival through other arrangements (i.e. PayPal). We’ve set it up with the intention of in-person payments to really make things more simple and flexible for the Traveler, but also to keep the local, personal feel of the community. But we understand that Hosts may want more flexibility and certainty, so please read through their listings before making booking requests to find out when and how they would like to be paid.

  1. Once you find an accommodation that you feel may be perfect, contact the Host by clicking the Check Availability button to find out if this accommodation is available for your desired dates and resolve any additional questions or concerns that you may have about the space.
  2. If you’re still feeling good about the space, send a booking request to the Host by clicking Request To Book.
  3. The Host has 48 hours to confirm or reject your booking request before it expires. If you’re booking request is confirmed, then you are all finished with the booking process! If the Host rejects your booking request, for availability reasons or something else, there are plenty of other awesome spaces to choose from (but make sure your user profile is filled out completely)! If your request expires than either request to book the accommodation again or explore alternative accommodations.
  4. Once you have a confirmed booking, reach out to the Host to make your travel arrangements, coordinate your arrival, and make any upfront payments that your Host may require (which will be stated on the accommodation’s listing page).

Although you can send a booking request without reaching out to a Host first, we generally recommend contacting your Host prior to booking to confirm his/her availability for your desired travel dates and to ask all of you questions about the space. You may not be able to feel totally comfortable just based on the reviews and profile alone, so this is also your opportunity to get a better feel for the Host and the accommodation! To message a Host, click Check Availability on the listing page or Contact Host on the Host’s profile.

You may send a booking request if you do not mind having your questions go unanswered, but in general we encourage all of our Travelers to communicate with Hosts prior booking to get all the information they need know about the accommodation, resolve any concerns, and confirm the accommodation’s availability.

Yes, technically you can send as many as you like, but we do not encourage this as once a booking request is confirmed by the Host, the booking process is completed. So if you send out multiple booking requests, you could accidentally book multiple accommodations for the same dates. To avoid this, start conversations with multiple Hosts of different accommodations, and request to book with the one that you like best.

A Host has 48 hours to accept or reject your booking request. If there is no answer after 48 hours then your request will expire. You can either request to book the accommodation again, and reach out to the Host to give them a heads up so they look out for it this time, or search for another space.

  1. Make sure to have a fully completed profile. I know it can be tough because you are not given much to work with, but try and have your personality come out as much as possible! We do not have the benefit of meeting in person first, so give the profile your own personal flare so Hosts get to know you a little before accepting you into their home! To edit your profile, click on your name on the top of Vegvisits.com and select Edit Profile.
  2. When you find an accommodation that you love, reach out to the Host first before requesting to book with them. Confirm their availability and get all of your questions answered. To do this, click Check Availability on the listing form. This is also a good time for Hosts to ask you some questions and address any concerns they may have before confirming a booking with you.

Once a Host has confirmed your booking request your booking is finalized! You will receive an email with the complete address of your accommodation, as well as your Host’s email and phone number. All you need to do at this point is connect with your Host to arrange payment and arrival details, which you can do by emailing, calling or sending a secure message through the Vegvisits platform.

Coming Soon !

The platform offers the opportunity to verify your identity and bring in reviews/ratings you have from other services (i.e. eBay, Airbnb) to create more trust.

To message a Host about the availability and other questions related to the accommodation, click Check Availability on the listing page or Contact Host on the Host’s profile.

  1. Once you have a confirmed booking, you will be sent a confirmation email with the email address and phone number of your Host so that you can reach out to them in order to coordinate payment and arrival details. You may also message the Host through Vegvisits by clicking on the first name of your Host in the confirmation email.
  2. If you don’t have the email around and wish to connect with your Host through Vegvisits, go to your name at the top of the Vegvisits website and going to My Bookings. You will be brought to the page with all of your upcoming bookings. Find the booking for the Host you wish to contact, and click on the link that starts with /locations/ to be brought to the listing page of the accommodation, and once you are there, click Check Availability on the listing page or Contact Host on the Host’s profile to start a new message.

We know things come up and people inevitably have to cancel. However, we definitely expect you to commit to your bookings when you make them. If you do have to cancel, let the Host know as soon as possible, or at the very least if it becomes questionable at some point just make sure you’re letting them know so they can make other arrangements. The Host may have their own cancellation policy and if they required you to pay in-advance, you may have to cancel prior to a certain cut-off period in order to get all your money back.

Unfortunately, this may happen from time to time, even though it is rare. If a Host cancels your reservation, we will do all we can to make sure you find another accommodation for your trip, and help out in any way possible. But please note that this is something we definitely will enforce and work on with Hosts. If they cancel more than once without having reasonable or good excuses, we reserve the right to suspend or even terminate their accounts.

Ultimately, the heart and soul of this community lies in great experiences and respect amongst the community. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when staying with someone:

  1. A home is a very personal space and this may be their primary residence as well. Please be mindful and respectful of them opening it up to you!
  2. House rules. Take a look at the things they specifically call out on their listing before your trip.
  3. Cleanliness. Imagine your own home and how you’d like people to treat it. Pick up after yourself and show your gratitude to your Host by keeping things extra clean! Many Hosts may not want you to wear shoes in the house as well, so please try to be open-minded, flexible and respectful!
  4. Noise level. Be mindful of when your Host goes to bed or wakes up.
  5. While this community isn’t all about money, don’t put your Host in the awkward position of having to keep asking for payment from you and just pay on time!
  6. Be very respectful of your Host’s dietary preferences. Meat is never allowed in this community, but we have many vegan Hosts as well!
  7. Communicate well. Whether it be that your plans have changed, you have to arrive later than scheduled or anything that could be relevant to your Host, be sure to let them know and stay in touch!
  8. We’re all at different places in our journey. Like anywhere else, put yourself in the shoes of your Host and be respectful of where they may be at and the many things they may be going through.
  9. Ultimately, our locals keep this community alive by giving us all places to stay around the world and giving us some peace of mind as we travel! Make them feel like opening their home was a good decision!

As a traveler, hosts that you message or request to book with will see your first name. No other personal information will be shared to Hosts or any other users of the Vegvisits platform. You will, however, receive the phone number and email address of your Host, so be sure to reach out to him/her to plan for your arrival and coordinate payment if necessary.

We encourage you to connect with the Host of your desired accommodation before making a booking request to make sure that the accommodation is kid friendly and suits all of your family’s needs. But there are many families and couples on Vegvisits, so generally this should be acceptable!

This entirely depends on the Host’s preferences and policies. Please read the house rules on the listing for any information the Host gives about bringing pets into the space. However, you should always double check with the Host before booking an accommodation if you are planning to travel with your pet, whether they explicitly state their pet policies or not.

The beauty of the Vegvisits community is the diversity and flexibility of the Traveler experiences! First, you can rent entire homes, private rooms, detached spaces, shared rooms or anything in between that members of our community come up with! Second, you’ll have the opportunity to express any concerns or questions before sending a booking request to your Host. In short, you should definitely have your privacy if you’d prefer it! Third, Hosts want you to have a great experience. They understand that everyone is different and some Guests may not want to interact as much as others. Some may want to talk, eat or prepare meals together; others may not be around or prefer not to chat – either way, it’s all good!

While, we believe it to be rare indeed, there is a possibility for things like this to happen and it would be very unfortunate.

  • First off, the heart and soul of the community lies in the reviews. Be as honest as possible for the sake of the community and future Travelers who may find themselves in that situation. We understand people can struggle changing an entire lifetime of eating habits, but our Hosts are held to higher standards as they’re opening up their homes and trust is so important to this community.
  • Secondly, you can reach out to us on the “contact” section of the website or emailing us at team@vegvisits.com and we will be sure to contact the Host as well.
  • Thirdly, if you no longer feel comfortable staying with the Host in the event you guys can’t resolve the issue, we highly encourage you to communicate to the Host and see if you can obtain a partial refund. We’ll certainly do all we can to help you find another accommodation and help in any way we can!

No. In order to maintain the trusting atmosphere of the community, you’ll only be able to create one account.

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