About Us

20,000 foot view

Vegvisits is a home-sharing platform for (and run by) the global community of vegans and vegetarians! The idea was born out of a practical need to accommodate this specific world of locals and travelers. But ultimately we like to think of ourselves more as a tight-knit community of friends from around the world that haven’t quite met yet!

10,000 foot view

The Vegvisits community is made up of both travelers and local hosts. At a basic level, there’s a real practical purpose for Vegvisits. As a traveler, you can rest assured on having access to either a vegan or vegetarian kitchen, your favorite appliances, and helpful inside knowledge from your host who shares a similar lifestyle as you — all while truly experiencing what it is like to live in another part of the world! As a host, you can keep your home and kitchen just as you like it for a unique and homey feel while earning some extra income!

But the real heart of the community is both hosts and travelers alike meeting people from around the world that share similar lifestyles. Everyone can also feeling slightly more at ease with a fellow vegan or vegetarian whether they’re in a new environment or opening their home to visitors, knowing they’re not all that different!


Getting started with Vegvisits is super easy… and free! Vegan and vegetarian locals can list their homes, vacation properties, rooms or other space types to accommodate overnight travelers, or even just list their kitchens on a per hour basis! Travelers can search for vegan and vegetarian accommodations at their desired destination, whether it be for an extended vacation, overnight stay or simply to prepare one of their own home-cooked meals! They can also filter their search results by vegan or vegetarian kitchen type, favorite appliances, host diet (vegan, vegetarian, raw, nut-free, gluten-free, and high-carb low fat) and more to help them find the perfect accommodation for their needs!

Hosts and travelers have the opportunity to read all about accommodations and each other through profiles, reviews, and detailed listings. They can also message each other through the platform to get all their questions answered before booking or confirming a trip!

The village

We have a vision for this community and are working hard to make things the best they can be. But it is everyone on here, our experiences together, and the things we think, say and do that really defines who we are. Vegvisits may be an online platform, but we are not robots, and are truly excited to grow, change and evolve to whatever else we all come up with in the future! We’ll always be a community of vegans and vegetarians, but the sky is truly the limit on what more it can be!

About the founders

Hey guys, we’re Nick & Linsey Minnella! The two of us have been vegans since 2010. We’ve lived in quite a few places in the U.S. over the past few years, and came up with the vision for Vegvisits during our cross-country adventure. 
We tend to live a pretty quiet life, but love being outside and close to nature. You could generally find us running, practicing yoga, eating fruit, relaxing outside, swimming in the ocean, reading, or hiking through the woods or up in the mountains!